Release the pain of the past and fear of the future

Meditation allows individuals empowerment over negative emotion and stress as well as creates a sense of clarity and peace

Meditation and Mindfulness for Beginners

About The Class

Mindfulness by definition is a state of complete awareness in the present moment, which allows participants to observe their thoughts and feelings without judgment, awakening fully to every experience.  But of much wider application is the wisdom of non-attachment which the mediation naturally evokes primarily through this experience of observation.  

Gain Empowerment over negative thoughts and emotion.  Reduce Stress and Anxiety.  Get to know and love yourself and find happiness in the moment being with what is.

In the first class we define mindfulness and give a firsthand experience of different mindfulness practices. Grounding and Body Scan Meditations will be introduced.  We will also discuss some tools that will aid in the development of an ongoing mindfulness practice.

We will also briefly discuss our 4 week series "Be Right Where You Are"


Be Right Where You Are (4 week series)

Week 1: Be Right Where You Are

We introduce the core concept of staying with your present moment experience. We discuss how we rehash the past and rehearse the future in a constant stream of mental activity.  We introduce the Mindfulness of Breathing practice and create an opportunity to come fully into our lives in the present. 

April 15

Week 2: Our Storytelling Minds

Our mindfulness practice turns toward the fundamental matter of our storytelling minds. A mindfulness practice helps us to work with our thoughts in two very important ways. First, we become aware of the constant torrent of thoughts cascading through our minds. This is simply what our minds do and is neither good nor bad. But it is essential to be aware of these thoughts, as they are a driving force in our mood, behavior, and, ultimately, our life. Second, we learn to extricate ourselves from the stories we are constantly creating.

April 22

Week 3: Love Yourself

We introduce loving-kindness as a concept and as a practice.

It not only matters that we pay attention but also how we do that. Attention some-times can have a cold or harsh quality to it. Loving-kindness starts with our intention to cultivate a more open and friendly stance toward ourselves and others. Ultimately, the difference between a joyful, happy life and misery has as much to do with the frame through which we see our experience as it does the events we experience.

It is developed through the formal practice of Loving-Kindness.

April 29

Week 4: Being With What Is

The willingness to be with things as they are for this moment can radically change the way we relate to the stress and pain in our life.  Introduction of the  the technique: exploration of unpleasant, neutral, pleasant and Description of  how the willingness to be with something unpleasant will lower

resistance and therefore the suffering.

May 6

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