A stress reduction and mindfulness subscription box

 Live Free and Thrive.  Imagine a meditation course packed full of self-improvement tools; delivered to your door.  

Get Inspired and Stay Motivated with a monthly subscription

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 Join Now and become a part of a community.  You'll receive a new meditation course every month.  We provide encouragement for self-improvement with 3 - 5 full size stress reduction items that will aid and excite you on your journey 

Get Inspired

Our subscription boxes bring new and exciting ideas and tools for self improvement every month

Stay Motivated

Sometimes it's difficult to maintain a lifestyle for self-enrichment; sometimes life just gets in the the way.  Our boxes help you stay motivated with new and unique surprises each month


 Learn meditations for balance of the mind, body, and spirit.  Collect items and tools that reinforce harmony and contentment. 


 Practice meditations that aid in the release of negative emotion.  Gain insight and become empowered with unique surprises that support freedom from emotional pain 


 Receive mindfulness meditations that will keep you in the habit of staying present in the moment.  "We can handle whatever is happening in the now even our own death,  it is the stress of the future or rehashing past negative events that ultimately destroys us" -cole. 

The Meditation Cure Subscription Box


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Order by December 5, 2017 to receive your box in January.  Our boxes are a great way to begin the new year.


How often will I get this box?

Boxes must be ordered by December 5, 2017 to be received in January of 2018.  Boxes are delivered every 30 days if you order a monthly subscription. 

What does it mean when you say meditations are in the box?

 You will receive a monthly meditation course based on the theme for each box as well as access to guided video and audio.  You will also receive thought inspiring content and motivation to continue on your path for self-improvement. 

What's in the box?

 The box will contain Meditation(s), Thought evoking words of wisdom, and 3 -5 full size items set to aid you in stress reduction and enlightenment. 


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