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Course Description

Meditation is a practice by which a person achieves a greater sense of awareness, wisdom, introspection, and a deeper sense of relaxation.  Practiced for thousands of years, it is the discipline of concentrating on a single object, thought, sound, movement, or on attention itself.  Many people meditate to achieve a greater sense of spiritual awareness and understanding of their professed religion, but it can be practiced by anyone regardless of their religious beliefs and background. 

In this course, we will explore the various techniques of meditation and mindfulness for stress reduction.  Becoming aware of your thoughts, surroundings, sounds, smells, bodily movements, and especially your breath are fundamental techniques of meditation.  The basic objective is to be present – Just be here and living in our moment.  

Meditation is about being comfortable and at peace.  As we explore the several techniques of practicing meditation, you can pick and choose those practices that make you most comfortable.  It is important to have an open mind.  There is no way to fail,  remember if you are trying you are succeeding.  Practicing meditation is a means to retrain the brain to become more present.  

Mindfulness by definition is a state of complete awareness in the present moment, which allows participants to observe their thoughts and feelings without judgment, awakening fully to every experience.  A wider application is the wisdom of non-attachment, which the mediation naturally evokes primarily through this experience of observation.  Classes will allow participants to develop mental clarity, self-discipline, enhanced creativity, internal peace and personal satisfaction.  

Course Lessons

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • 5 Minute Grounding Mediation
  • How Mindfulness is used as a method for Stress Management.
  • Introduce three Mindfulness practices: Grounding, Mindful Eating, and Body Scan
  • Discuss Informal Mindfulness Practices to be performed throughout the day 
  • Journal and Discussion

Day 2

  • Discuss participants’ experiences 
  • Describe the body’s reaction to Stress
  • Describe How We are not Our Thoughts. Encourage the practice of noticing thoughts and observing them without reacting to each experience.
  • Introduce the Technique: exploration of unpleasant, neutral, pleasant. 
  • 15 minute Mindfulness Practice  
  • Journal

Day 3

  • Discuss participants’ experiences
  • Introduce Intentional Thought  Meditation
  • 30 minute Mindfulness Practice
  • Offer suggestions and opportunities for continued practice.
  • Journal

#IT Intentional Thought Meditation

I am Here   I am Now   I am Free

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